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City Pages names China Brickey "Best Actor of 2020" in "Best of the Twin Cities 2020!

Best Actor: China Brickey

"For years, China Brickey has been lighting up productions in supporting roles. If you saw her hilarious turn in Penumbra Theatre’s Girl Shakes Loose (2017), the excitement she brought to Old Log Theatre’s Ghost the Musical (2017), her stalwart sailor in Transatlantic Love Affair’s The Privateer (2017), or her ebullient bridesmaid in the Ordway’s Mamma Mia! (2018), you probably wondered when Brickey would finally get her star turn. Then, in 2019, director Lisa Channer put Brickey in the shoes of Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Austen’s iconic heroine, in Pride and Prejudice at Park Square Theatre. In Kate Hamill’s irreverent adaptation, Brickey set the perfect tone of playfulness balanced with sincere emotion and sparkling intelligence. If there was still an Ivey Award for emerging artist, this outstanding actor would be a prime contender."

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